Shortwave is an independent, not-for-profit publisher based in Oxford. Our aim is to broaden awareness of world literature by publishing new and exciting translations in English.

For us, publishing is first and foremost about fostering community. Our unique crowdfunding platform has been designed to support new translation projects, bringing translators and readers together at every stage of the process, from pitch to publication.

Transmitting books

How it works

Translators present their own pitch for the translation of a foreign title into English. Readers may then sponsor that translation for various rewards devised by the translator (examples include a printed acknowledgement at the back of the book, prepublication excerpts, textual discussions, etc.).

Our translators act as the promotional face of the book that they – and their readers – want to see published. Each translation project that Shortwave selects for crowdfunding is given an individual page featuring a pitch video, a short excerpt, and a rundown of the different funding tiers.

Successfully crowdfunded projects will afterwards appear in well-designed Shortwave editions, both in print and digitally, with the translator credited prominently alongside the original author. In this way, we hope to foreground the art of translation while also providing a forum in which translators and readers can interact in a mutually beneficial way.

Tuning in to world literature

Get in touch

Are you a translator looking to kickstart a new project? Do you know of any books or authors crying out for a great translation? We want to hear from you!

Shortwave is currently in the process of selecting our first 3 translations. We are seeking translators who want to share their love of language and the written word. We are also interested in supporting projects that challenge fixed notions of nationality and/or immigrant experience. All genres and languages considered.

"In a communications crisis, the true prophets are the translators."
– Ellen Willis